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About Touch-based Energetic Healing

We are electromagnetic, energy-based beings. Ancient cultures based entire medicine systems on this premise, and quantum physics supports it. The great thing is that you don’t have to believe in energetic healing for it to work.

I have practiced and honed my energy healing skills for decades, using a variety of modalities. When I run high frequency energy into the body of a human or animal, the energy finds its way to the places it does the most good.

Through light physical touch, I can find an area that is tight, blocked, or holding. I then focus energetic healing on that area to free it up so it can function at its best. You will find that

  • hard fascial buildup melts away, freeing muscles to work more efficiently;
  • imbalanced muscle patterns relax, allowing bones to move into their natural position, reducing pain;
  • fat buildup frees up, increasing metabolism and possibly shedding inches;
  • the flow of blood, lymph and energy throughout the body improves;
  • and you feel better.

After your session, you may continue to shift for the next 24 hours. Drink plenty of water and be gentle with yourself. Your healing journey has begun.


"I feel like I'm in another universe, yet very grounded. I have finally stopped spinning so fast." -L.K.

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