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New Client Info: People

What to wear  Most clients receive work in their underwear. Briefs are preferable to boxers for men; traditional panties and bra work well for women. You will be draped with a sheet while on the table. For off-table work, you will be provided with a t-shirt to wear. If you're not comfortable with this stage of undress, other options are available. A pair of loose-fitting, short, cotton gym shorts, or yoga-type stretchy shorts, are good options. No sports bras or bicycle short, please. 

We can work with a variety of clothing, just keep the following in mind:

•  You must be comfortable. Unlike traditional massage, this work may require you to get up from the table and walk around periodically (though generally not during the first session.)

•  Clothing should not pinch or bind. If you can lie on the table and pull one knee to your chest without resistance, you’re in good shape.

What to expect during the first session

You will be sent a link to the Intake Forms so you can fill them out before your appointment. If you don't do it ahead of time, please come fifteen minutes early to your first session. If there is a session in progress, these forms will be available on a clipboard in the waiting room.

We’ll discuss what your session will entail, your health history and concerns, and your goals and expectations for the work. Next, we'll begin the ongoing process of getting to know your structure, posture and energetic patterns.

After a postural and energetic evaluation, you’ll be asked to lie on the table. Sessions usually begin with a physical scan to help us tune into what’s going on in your system as well as a short, relaxing energy balancing routine. During the session, I’ll ask you to breath into areas being worked on and perhaps move your body in various directions. This will lengthen, free and reposition connective tissue. Each session is unique as we focus on releasing and balancing your energies.

Throughout the session, you’ll get a chance to evaluate your experience, note changes and provide input for continuing the process. Head and foot work is included at the end of almost every session to balance and integrate the work into the body. 

Session frequency
  The amount of time between sessions varies and is determined on an individual basis. Most clients schedule sessions about a week to two weeks apart.

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