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New Client Info: Animals

What to wear 
A quick-release collar is best. Though harnesses are great for walking, a collar is smaller and allows more access to the body. If you don’t have one, one will be provided. No metal collars or choke chains, please.

What to expect during the first session
Intake forms are available on the website (Client Forms) so you can have them filled out before your appointment. 

We’ll discuss what your animal’s session will entail, your animal’s health history and concerns, and your goals and expectations for the work. 

Sessions begin with a physical evaluation and energetic scan to help us tune into what’s going on in your animal’s system. Depending on your animal’s comfort with physical touch, we may start with hands-on tissue and energy manipulation, or simply “run energy” from a distance. Animals are very sensitive to energy and will benefit even without hands-on touch. Most animals eventually lie down and relax into it.

Please note that an animal's comfort and tolerance for attention determines the length of most sessions. They often decide when it's over. Time may also be dedicated to education and training about what you can do at home to continue your animal’s healing process.

What About You You can choose to stay in the room or in the waiting room. If you choose to stay inside, you will also benefit from the heightened energy in the room. I simply ask that you sit quietly so that your animal can focus on the work. Afterwards, I will give you feedback on what I found.

Session frequency
 The amount of time between sessions varies and is determined on an individual basis. Most clients schedule sessions about a week to two weeks apart.

Note If your animal is ill, please see a vet first.

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