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Are you a miracle worker or what?  For the first time in a long time, I don't have pain on my right side. I don't want to exclaim too much but when I woke up this morning my pain was gone. OMG! I never have had a massage like yours before. Anyway, merci beaucoup for making me pain free.  –K.T., High School Teacher

Such a wonderful session! I love your grounded, serene presence and deeply relaxing touch. Thank you!!! I slept 9 hours! –Mary H.

It was great!  It helped a lot and has sped up the recovery process.  I have more range of motion, reduced swelling, and generally feel better. –Al

I’ve had a lot of healing work done and that’s the best I’ve had. There’s power coming out of your hands…There was a lot of energy moving around. The room is nice and has a great energy. –Debra C.

The massage was excellent. I appreciated the thought you put into it and the feedback afterwards (I will work on balancing my sides). –John S.

Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive and kind. Visit her for energy balancing and recharge. –Laura L.

Rebecca's business is perfectly named - "heal and flow" is exactly what she facilitates.  I arrived for our first session in a "business-like" mood, having come from a work meeting.  Was immediately struck by her acceptance and peace with whatever I "brought."  That graciousness quickly penetrated my veneer of "having it together," and I gave in to tears, which continued on and off (along with laughter) throughout our session. She helped me clear the energy of a vicious emotional attack I'd recently suffered, gain peace, and come away feeling grounded again in my own body.  I've had tons of energy and body work in my life - this was soothing, penetrating, and gentle. Rebecca has wonderful intuition as well as gentle hands and spirit. Felt like I'd had a 3 week vacation in just a short time on her table. Go! Heal and flow, indeed! Thank you, Rebecca! –Wendy P.

My neck is feeling so much better today! I would say 80% better. It gradually got better over the weekend. Thanks again for getting me in and for taking extra time with me. I really appreciate it! My experience was great! I could totally feel the energy rolling through my body. I could feel the warmth of energy from your hands, it was great. I haven't been that relaxed in a very long time! –Melissa A.

Other Animals:

When I woke up this morning at 6:30am Luke was sitting just outside my bedroom door wide awake. This is unusual, since his health has declined he is usually sleeping deeply. He followed me around the house in a good, happy and energetic mood. When I let him outside this morning he pranced along in a happy manner looking energetic and moving really well. What is striking to me is that he is very alert and moving fluidly. He seems to be doing much better and is so much happier! Thank you again for helping him! –Kim Ducoté, Environmental Consultant and Spiritual Life Coach

 What did you do with my boy?! Ha. Smokey was quite relaxed yesterday. His energy was mellow...happy.  Yea! He had a big grin all day...! Which makes his "mom" happy... –Cheryl B.


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